Hello Future B.A.N.E. Athletes!

We offer a one-of-a-kind training program to elevate your game. Our skills training programs will totally lift your game to the next level. Sessions are for athletes who are passionate about basketball, and are motivated to get better.


During your training sessions, your B.A.N.E. coach will provide you with specialized, expert coaching and guidance in fundamentals that will significantly improve your game. Fundamentals training includes: shooting, ball handling, passing, defense, quickness, scoring, and more.

As a B.A.N.E. athlete you will be pushed to the next level through intense  60-120 minute long workouts.


Other training programs offer quantity over quality, in which the goal is simply to fill gyms with as many players as possible. In these programs, little attention is given to improving the individual athlete. Here at Basketball Academy of New England, our #1 priority is to provide every one of our athletes with a quality training experience that is tailored to their unique strengths and needs. Since developing every individual athlete is our main focus, this means the size of our skills training sessions are intentionally kept small. Small training session size ensures that all of our athletes receive specialized attention from the coach every session, instead of being just one of many.

Basketball Academy of New England Director Sercan Fenerci has experience working with athletes at all levels. In addition to his extensive experience coaching high school and college basketball players in the United States, Fenerci has also been on the 14/15U Turkish national team coaching staff since 2017 where he helps with training and selection for upcoming European Championship teams. 

Services we offer:

  • Small Group Sessions

  • Year-round skills program for all ages

  • Summer Camps

  • School Holiday Clinics

  • Individual Consultation

  • Spring and Fall AAU 

Investment in your child's

future starts here

Basketball Game




New group sessions will be offered in Fall 2020 @ ABRHS



Basketball Academy of New England (B.A.N.E.) was created to provide opportunities to basketball players eager to learn the game from its fundamental core. 

During training sessions athletes will work heavily on skill development (ball handling, form shooting, passing), basketball terminology, actions off the ball,  court spacing, etc.

Small group sessions are intentionally limited to certain number athletes, so your child will NOT be one of many! At B.A.N.E. training sessions your child is guaranteed to receive the attention he/she needs.  

Through the B.A.N.E. training program your child will have the opportunity take his/her game to the next level. Sessions are open to both boys and girls.

Let's elevate your child's game to the NEXT LEVEL today!


Year-round Skills Program

Serious Investment in your child's future!

The strength of the year-round program is the belief that there is no “one size fits all” method for helping players reach their potential. Basketball Academy of New England will develop a game plan specifically tailored to meet the needs of every athlete based on age, current skill set, game understanding, and desired results. Our experienced staff are prepared to cover every aspect of the game through 1-on-1 and/or small group sessions. B.A.N.E. will work diligently with the athlete to ensure overall improvement with noticeable results. Our staff and teaching methods are worth the time and investment. Our goal is for our athletes to be the most prepared, skilled, on point, and confident athletes in New England.




Youth Basketball Game

Summer Camps & School Holiday Clinics

Exciting and Fun 

Basketball Academy of New England camps/clinics seek to provide fun, informative, and beneficial camp programs. We plan and run camps in an efficient manner and push for a high level of intensity along with an atmosphere that promotes encouragement and learning. B.A.N.E. camps/clinics are planned throughout the year during school breaks and other opportune times. Various camps are offered for age groups from K-12.

Examples of areas covered at B.A.N.E. camps/clinics include: shooting progression and repetition, defense, agility, footwork, post work and guard work, leadership, teamwork, communication, full court concepts, game-like scenarios, and specialized beginner/rookie skills camps for our youngest players.



Individual Consultation

$125 / per consultation

For decades, B.A.N.E. Professional staff have been training, coaching & advising basketball players at every level -- from professionals trying to add a specific skill set to a first-time 3rd grader breaking into the game. B.A.N.E. Founder and Director Sercan Fenerci offers expert guidance from his 20+ years of playing, recruiting, and coaching the game of basketball through his scheduled consultation services. Discuss any topic you desire. Coach Fenerci will provide you with clear and comprehensive information along with direct, insightful advice that will give you the clarity and knowledge you need to achieve your desired athletic goals. 

Topic Examples

– Player Development

– Short and Long-term Goal Setting

– How to navigate AAU and how to use it to your benefit

– College Recruiting Process

– High School Preparation

– College Preparation

– Professional Preparation

– Game film breakdown



B.A.N.E. (Basketball Academy of New England)

The B.A.N.E. is a club basketball program for basketball players along the New England.  The B.A.N.E. is classified as a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation, meaning all donations are 100% tax deductible.  

The B.A.N.E. Program pride themselves on helping our players become better basketball player and more importantly ensuring they become great young men and women.  The ultimate goal is by the end of their time within the B.A.N.E. program, players will be able to take their success's and experiences to future endeavors.  

The B.A.N.E. commit to develop players through hard work, practice, and inspired coaching. Our teams practice 2 times per week. B.A.N.E.’ coaches emphasize individual skill development, teach team concepts both on the offensive and defensive end, and require all players to give 100% effort. We expect our teams to compete at the highest level, and the coaches distribute playing time with that goal in mind.

Our program has become a family over the years. 

Come be part of the Family that will continue to grow every year!